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  • Jun 24, 2021
  • By NextEra Home

Personalize your surroundings with these special touches.

An expressive home design is an extension of your personality. When visitors walk through your door, what they see should say something about you. With a little imagination, it can.

You see, it’s one thing to arrange furniture and hang pictures, but people with interesting homes go a step further. They personalize their surroundings with special touches and design flourishes. 

Sure, they could find something off the shelf from a big-box store. Yet happy homeowners craft custom room accents such as a dash of color, a DIY project, or a unique artwork. They take a space and turn it into their own. That’s the true meaning of making a statement.

Does that sound like the kind of home you want? Great – we have some home décor ideas culled from experts for your living room, bath, and bedroom. If you’re a crafty sort and good at making things, you might like to explore these tips.

Living room ideas

  • If you’re new to home decorating, understand the basics of living room design first.
  •  Yes, you can buy sofa pillows, but when you make them yourself, you truly personalize the living room. Here’s a pattern you can use.
  • Create a unique hanging artwork with the help of your favorite song. Print a line of the lyric on a recycled painting and share it with your guests. You can learn how in 10 steps.
  • Try this idea if you haven’t got a guest room. For about $150, you can build a storage sofa to organize extra pillows and blankets. Then you’ll have a crash pad ready when a friend drops by. Here’s the building plan.

Bathroom ideas

  • Got a monotone bathroom? Put one brightly colored object in it to create a dressy contrast. For instance, in an all-gray bathroom, you could put a single rose in a vase or a bright-red tissue box.
  • Sure, towel bars are handy. But you might want something more stylish in the bathroom, like wall-mounted towel clips.
  • There’s a chic alternative to a shower caddy: Build a corner shelf for your body wash, shampoo and razor. Watch this video for instructions.
  • You’ll find many more affordable ways to makeover the bath here.
  • Why would you put a bar cart in a bedroom? To organize more stuff than you can on a nightstand and look great doing it. 
  • It’s nice to have more than just the bed to sit on. Try putting a chair in the corner or a bench at the foot of the bed.
  • You can make the bedroom look bigger without moving a thing. Use a favorite designer’s trick: Install a mirror at the bed’s headboard or lean a mirror against a wall. 

Of course, these are a mere handful of ideas to get you started on your own unique home décor. There are thousands more tricks that pro designers use, and you can too. Visit some of these sites to delve deeper into interior design: