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  • Jun 24, 2021
  • By NextEra Home

How a Home Warranty Can Help Sell Your Home

Selling your home can be an emotional experience. For most people, a house is their greatest investment, but homeowners also have non-financial reasons for being so attached. The memories and living experiences expand its worth to you as the seller. However, a potential buyer doesn’t share your perspective. He or she will create their own memories in the stove that produced enticing Christmas dishes for your family and the front load washer that readily accepted your baby’s dirty bibs and play clothes.

A buyer envisions a turn-key home with all new appliances. Your older and working appliances, may not be the selling point that entices a buyer. Having a home warranty plan that provides coverage for those appliances due to normal wear and tear may help. A home warranty plan offers coverage for repair or replacement of a home’s major appliances could differentiate your home from others in the neighborhood. Imagine if a buyer loves your home, but opts to purchase a house they like a little less, because it has shiny new appliances. With normal wear and tear, even new appliances will eventually break down and once they do, replacing them is expensive. Having a home warranty plan in place could help to sell your house.

A home warranty plan helps provide homeowners with peace of mind, knowing that when appliances and home systems stop working due to normal wear and tear, they have coverage. A home warranty plan is an advantage for sellers, since the plan is attached to the house and is transferrable to the new owner in most cases. Ask the realtor to make this information available to buyers during the open house.

Home warranty companies provide homeowners with a complete copy of all terms and conditions, so a buyer knows exactly what appliances and systems are covered and how.

Home sellers should strongly consider purchasing a home warranty plan. Purchasing a plan that helps to protect your budget against the cost of major appliance and system failures due to normal wear and tear is a great investment. It will save you hundreds of dollars in expenses if appliances break down before you move. A home warranty plan might also increase your home’s value, in the eyes of a potential buyer.

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