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  • Jun 24, 2021
  • By NextEra Home

Earth-friendly ideas so easy your oven almost cleans itself

You just opened your microwave oven, and the inside looks like an abstract painting. Bits of tomato, spinach, and something you can’t quite identify cover the walls and turntable.

No doubt about it, time to clean the microwave. But you believe in natural approaches to home care, and the idea of using chemicals doesn’t feel right. You like to keep your kitchen as fresh and healthy as a bunch of kale.

Don’t worry – earth-friendly cleaning supplies are waiting in your pantry right now. Explore these all-natural methods to remove microwave stains. They’re so easy, your appliance will almost clean itself.

Before you begin

For greatest safety, unplug the power cord and wipe any dirt off. Check to make sure it isn’t frayed or damaged. Take out any removable parts inside the oven and rinse them in the sink. Then wipe them down and put them back. Plug the cord back in and go to it.

1. Clean your microwave with vinegar and baking soda

These affordable ingredients clean surfaces well, and not just on microwaves. Stir four tablespoons of baking soda into a quart of warm water until completely dissolved. Dip a sponge or cloth in the solution and wipe down the inside of the microwave.

Then put equal parts of water and white vinegar in a microwave-safe bowl. Put the bowl in the oven and run it for three minutes on high power. When the timer shuts off, leave the bowl in while the vapors steam-clean the interior.

After 10 minutes, open the door and take out the bowl, turntable and carousel. Soak the oven components in hot, soapy water and wipe down the microwave interior. If any baking soda residue remains, repeat the process.

2. Clean your microwave with lemon

Cut a lemon in half and put both halves cut-side down on a microwave-safe plate. Then pour a tablespoon of water onto the plate. Microwave on high for one minute, remove the plate and wipe down the interior with paper towels. Your oven will look great and smell even better.

3. Clean your microwave with wet paper towels

How’s this for simple? Put a handful of soaked paper towels in the microwave and run on high for up to five minutes. The steam will loosen dirt, stains and caked-on food. Protect your hands, remove the hot towels, then wipe everything away.

Try to clean your microwave at least once every few weeks. Your meals will taste better and it’ll be less work than scrubbing off dried food-art.

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