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  • Jun 24, 2021
  • By NextEra Home

The refrigerator stands stalwart in the middle of your kitchen, a bulwark of major home appliances, but it is easily taken for granted. The fridge is opened and closed multiple times per day, and if you have kids, perhaps more often than you can count. As long as it continues to do its job, through the wear and tear, we give little thought to the major home appliance. However, a little bit of attention may increase its longevity. Keeping it fresh, is a simple way to maintain your refrigerator, and it could also keep your family safe from contaminants.  

What you can’t see could hurt you

Aside from mold that could grow on old food, other contaminants can’t be seen with the naked eye. The following tips will help to cut down on the lab experiments growing in your fridge, and to keep it clean and smelling fresh.

Sniff Test

What you can’t see, you can often smell. If a foul smell wafts through the kitchen every time the refrigerator door opens, it’s time to take action. Actually, it’s past time, but better late than never, right? There’s something about cleaning a refrigerator that makes us put it off, but it’s really not that difficult. Clean the refrigerator once, and then maintain cleanliness as you go, so to speak. Here’s how:

Clean First

Remove everything from the fridge. Cleaning shelves and compartments one at a time, makes the job a little easier. Wipe up spills and stuck-on gunk. This could take some elbow grease, but you can make the job easier by using a bit of vinegar. Heat it up in the microwave for an effective cleaning agent against sticky messes. Wipe down the shelves, and don’t forget to wipe the underside of jars, bottles and containers. Toss old leftovers, and expired foods that emit stinky odors, then step back and admire your clean refrigerator that looks and smells like new.

Look Good and Smell Good, Too

Now that the refrigerator is looking clean, and smells better, keep it that way by employing a few tricks and products from your kitchen. Utilize natural products rather than chemicals to add a fresh scent to the inside of the fridge. Some products may not create a fragrance, but will help to eliminate odors.

  • Baking soda is a natural cleanser, which can be used to deodorize the refrigerator. It will not add fragrance, but keeping an open box on a refrigerator shelf or compartment will soak up smelly odors. Change out the box every thirty days.
  • Vanilla isn’t just for baking cookies, but there’s a reason they smell so good in the oven. To add a delicious smell to your refrigerator, add a drop of vanilla to a cotton ball and stick it in an inconspicuous place in the fridge.
  • Coffee grounds have a dual purpose, at least for some of us. Like vanilla, coffee grounds smell pretty awesome even before brewing. Keep a bowl of grounds in the fridge to quell offensive smells. Instead of using a bowl, you may also recycle a jar, and punch holes in the top for the aroma to escape. This will help to eliminate the chance of grounds spilling all over the clean surfaces.
  • Lemon will soak up lingering smells. Cut a lemon in half, place it face down in the fridge and watch it shrivel over time, as it filters out odd and end smells. Out of lemons? Any citrus will help. Use orange peels instead of half an orange.

Of course you want to extend the life of your refrigerator, and attention to the little details is the first step. A NextEra Home Warranty is a greater step you can take in helping to maintain your refrigerator and all major appliances. There are two plans from which you can choose.

  • Appliances Warranty Plus provides customers up to $19,600 coverage to repair or replace appliances that are damaged due to wear and tear.
  • Home Warranty Plus provides up to $25,200 in coverage for repair or replacement of damaged appliances due to wear and tear.

You can learn more about each plan and how they could benefit you, by calling (833) 634-6634.