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  • Jun 24, 2021
  • By NextEra Home

Enjoy helpful ways to keep your home happy and healthy

It’s our pleasure to welcome you to the new blog from NextEra Home. You’re going to see a lot of content about home life here. We’d like to walk you through this page, explaining who we are and what this is all about.

Who is NextEra Home, anyway?

NextEra Home is a part of NextEra Energy, one of the world’s largest investors in new American energy infrastructure, such as wind and solar.

Energy runs so many parts of your home: your appliances, your electronics, and so on. We want to help you take care of them. We’ll give you useful tips for your home systems, your décor – your whole house. That’s why we started this blog.

Of course, less obvious things use electricity, too, and we’ll cover plenty of not-so-top-of-mind topics. Maybe the pool pump that keeps your pool liner from turning green, or how to keep food in the fridge fresher longer.

Cool. What else are you going to blog about?

Our insights are for homeowners like you who want everything under their roof healthier. When your home is healthy, life gets better, and you feel better.

NextEra Home blog posts are crafted around important information that homeowners care about. How do we know? Because we’re homeowners, too. Look for posts in four categories:

  1. Maintenance & Repair: Which repairs can you do yourself? Which should you leave to the professionals? The advice in these articles can help you tell the difference.
  2. Energy Savings: Here you’ll find ideas to help reduce your energy bill any time of year. Read conservation tips for the kitchen, laundry, HVAC system, and other parts of the house.
  3. Home Safety: We spend so much time at home, it’s no surprise it’s one of the most injury-prone environments. NextEra Home puts your safety first, and you’ll get clear instructions on how to avoid domestic hazards in every post.
  4. Lifestyle: Life at home should be well lived. So we’ll offer ideas for cleaning, decorating and even relaxing.