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  • Jun 24, 2021
  • By NextEra Home

Why Get a Home Warranty?

Wouldn’t it be great if our major appliances didn’t break down? Unfortunately, heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems age and eventually do — especially without proper, ongoing maintenance.  

Repairing or replacing appliances can be a huge expense – and it usually happens when we least expect it, at the worst possible times and not always when we have the money. A home warranty plan from NextEra Home give you peace of mind through the year and helps you minimize (or completely avoid) these costs.

Avoid expensive repair and replacement bills

Let’s take your oven as an example. Repairs can cost upwards of $800 to $900 — and as much as $3,000 to replace. NextEra home warranties shield your budget, minimizing or almost entirely eliminating these costs. We even offer additional protection for things like your pool/spa equipment, water softeners or septic system. Everything eventually breaks down. It’s nice to know you have coverage — not if, but when they do.

Service Providers

NextEra Home uses  a network of independent service contractors that are insured and are subject to background checks. We can typically get them on the job quickly. We handle most of the correspondence so that you can get back to your life.

Why NextEra Home?

NextEra Home offers some of the most comprehensive warranty coverage in the industry. Our home warranty plans are among some of the most respected and trusted in the industry. Why? We stand by our word and deliver on our promises. It’s that simple.

Protect your budget

Why no-t call us now? A home warranty from NextEra Home is a great way to make sure you’ll always have peace of mind in taking care of your home. Sudden, unexpected expenses like appliance repairs and replacements can take a nasty toll on your budget and our plans help you avoid these large budget impacts.

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