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  • Jun 24, 2021
  • By NextEra Home

Will a Home Warranty Replace a Heater?

If your heater cannot be repaired, most home warranties will replace it up to the coverage limit. This coverage is included in most home warranty service contracts. The repair or replacement of heaters is usually covered up to the coverage limit under a basic systems plan or as an upgrade option offered by the home warranty provider.

What is included in a HVAC system?

Indoor heating, ventilation and air conditioning are included in an HVAC system. Modern HVAC systems usually feature cleaning and air filtration as well.

What is the average cost to repair or replace a HVAC system?

Repairing or replacing an HVAC system can be very costly. Typically, homeowners will spend between $150-$500 repairing a HVAC unit – sometimes up to $1,000 or more, depending on the issue. But that’s just the cost of repairs. The installation of a new HVAC system is much more, averaging between $3,500 and $8,000. 

How long can a furnace last?

Some furnaces may have a lifespan of over 40 years but the typical furnace will last between 15 and 30 years. Like many things, they don’t quite make them like they used to. Perform all recommended annual maintenance to get the best efficiency and lifespan out of your home’s furnace. It’s well worth the effort.

When should I replace my furnace?

Replace your furnace when the following occurs:

  • It’s over 20 years old
  • Your home no longer feels as comfortably warm as it once did
  • The furnace makes unusual noises
  • You have to adjust your furnace’s thermostat constantly
  • Your energy bills are getting higher and higher
  • The cost to repair your furnace outweighs the cost to replace it

On average, repairing your furnace is more expensive in the last two years before it’s replaced.

Why does my heater make unusual noises?

Sometimes near the end of a heater’s lifespan, it will let you know when it’s time to consider replacing it. Often, it will make strange noises like rattling, popping or banging. If the blower is running constantly or the air is cold when it should be warm, it might just be saying, “replace me.”

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