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It Works

Residential Water Leak Protection

The Moen Smart Water Shut-Off device is installed on a home’s main water supply line and connects to the Moen™ App to provide homeowners with a preventative approach to help detect leaks and help protect your home and finances against costly water damage. Here’s how easy it is to get started:

  • 1Enroll in the WaterShield™ by NextEra Home program and get the device installed by a professional. Electrical outlet required within 10 ft. of the device (extension cord can be used). 
  • 2Once installed, download the Moen App from the App Store or Google Play store.
  • 3Pair the smart water shut-off device with your account using the mobile App.
  • 4Your home now has protection against costly water leak damage! Go back to your regular routine worry-free.

Plumbing intelligence
smart water shut-off

Remote + auto-shut-off

In the event of an emergency the device will automatically turn-off the home's water supply.


Automatic daily health tests

Runs daily Health Tests with MicroLeak™ technology to help ensure that your home is leak-free.


Pressure, flow, & temperature

Constantly monitoring for irregularities in water pressure, water flow rate, and area temperature.

24/7 plumbing monitoring

After your device learns your home’s unique water footprint it will constantly monitor for irregularities.


Fixture detection

Supported by our FloSense™ technology, view historical water usage by fixture and appliance.


Not Wi-Fi dependent

Your unique water usage data is stored locally on the device in case of Wi-Fi outages.

Artificial intelligence

The device sensors work in combination with unique feedback-enhanced AI technology to proactively monitor your home for leaks of all sizes. The more you provide feedback, the smarter the device gets.

Automatic & manual daily
health tests

The device runs automatic Health Tests with a patented MicroLeak™ technology daily. Closing its valve, the device monitors the stability of the water in your plumbing. You can manually run tests and set times for them to run.


command center app




See how much water you are consuming with daily trends and set goals to help save water and money.


Control panel

Monitor your home's plumbing health, such as flow rate, pressure, and temperature.



See all pending alerts and troubleshoot plumbing issues in real-time, putting you in control.

Health test

The system runs daily Health Tests, locking pressure in your pipes to catch even pinhole leaks.


Usage by fixture

See water usage by fixture and appliance, track historical consumption, and set goals.


Priceless peace of mind

Countless features provide ease that your home has water leak protection to avoid water damage to your biggest investment - your home.